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We specialize in Real Estate & Costa Rican Residency for Expats; Real Estate Closings, Real Estate Title Conveyances and Corporation Creation Services in Costa Rica, as well as transfers of Cars, Trucks or Motorcycles and Title Clearance including checking for tickets which follow the vehicle. We also handle Wills creation, and Inheritance Matters.


If you are Buying a property in Costa Rica, Need Legal Advice for Starting a Business in Costa Rica, or need help Buying a Hotel, Restaurant or Retreat Center in Costa Rica, it is important that you seek qualified legal advice so that you protect yourself and your investment. The due diligence done will be worth every penny, and the piece of mind priceless.


A large percentage of our clients are North American individuals or families seeking to relocate to Costa Rica or pursue real estate investment or business opportunities. Our clients depend on us for sound legal advice for their relocation, along with completion of due diligence for their projects and help to obtain legal residency.