Corporation declaration form D-140

1)- Taxes have to be paid by all mercantile entities (whether “Sociedad Anónima”, “Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada” or any other kind,) as well as by the agencies or representatives of foreign corporations registered in the country.

2)- In case of late payment, the typical penalties and late payment interests established in the national tax regulations will apply.

3)- If a corporation is delinquent with the payment of the tax, the National Registry will deny the issuance of certificates of good standing, representation certificates and literal information certificates of the corporation, and no transactions related to said corporation (such sale or purchase of properties or vehicles) will be processed or registered by the National Registry. Likewise, such corporation in arrears may not enter into contracts with the Costa Rican State or any governmental entity. A)- Old taxes owed. While the decision of the Constitutional Court back in 2015 eliminated the then existing Tax on Corporations, it established that the tax had to be paid up to the year 2015. Consequently, any Tax on Corporations not paid up to 2015 must now be paid in order to be in compliance with the law.